A sustainable eco-blockchain, which is the basis of “FRUITS,” is built through PoC and multi-layered smart contracts. With the goal of “Your spending leads to another’s saving”, when someone makes a payment with Fruits coin(s) it is also directly connected to charity. In addition, a series of mechanisms are built in as a multi-layered smart contract, such as offering a coin exclusive to donations to those who make a payment and/or donate with Fruits coin(s), and then rewarding the donors with tokens after donating with the donation coin. With this system, it creates a win-win scenario for both the donor and the recipient because a reward token will be distributed to those who spends and/or donates. In other words, the system establishes a series of incentives for people to use Fruits coin(s). The issues that we aim to solve through this system are in line with the common issues around the World which are represented in each of the SDGs, proposed by the United Nations.

This project’s initiative is an important approach to solving the problems of the SDGs.

We believe that this will lead to a cycle of concrete and immediate support and assistance to achieve economic, health, and educational independence with people around the world.

There are also other reasons why we use PoC for our consensus algorithm. It makes it possible for us to create a power-saving ecosystem with concrete policies to deal with global environmental issues, such as, CO2 emissions and increasing power consumption.

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