1-6-6. FRUITS Token Layout

1-6-6-1. Coexistence in the Token Economy

The token layout of FRUITS is very elaborate. After submitting the application for a new issuance of a token with information, such as, the name of each token, its purpose, the total number of tokens to be issued, the issuance method, and burn rules, the governance token will vote to approve the issuance of the new token. However, the entire process will be managed in a dedicated wallet and will be fully automated.


Regulation tokens are record the purpose of issuing each Seed Token(s), the terms and conditions of the transaction, and basic information about the token; the symbol for Regulation tokens is Raspberry Tokens. The symbol for the Governance tokens is Guava Tokens.

Each project that uses Seed Tokens will focus on compliance with SDGs and ESG strategies, and will allow companies, individuals, and organizations to easily develop their own services on the Fruits Platform.

1-6-6-2. Governance Tokens and Regulation Tokens

FRUITS will incorporate basic operations such as governance and event planning for each token as decentralization. At the same time, as an open platform, it provides a FRUITS Platform that includes Defi and payment functions to build various services.

1-6-6-3. Deflation and Inflation Overview

In order to preserve the value and reduce the transaction load, a fixed number of FRTS will be burned (permanently disabled) according to the following timing:

  1. When the number of new Smile coins issued during the current phase reaches 38.2% of the total number of FRTS available (the remainder not burned), FRTS coins will be burned at a ratio of 1000 : 1618 x ratio (14.587%).

  2. The timing of a burn is defined as or about once every four years.

This burning process will be performed when either of these conditions is met and will move to the next phase.

We are confident that this will increase the value of Eco-Blockchain and contribute to improving the technology of the Blockchain industry by making transaction fees free and spreading Eco-Blockchain technology around the world for everyone to use.

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