2-2. NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

2-2-1. Issues to be solved

The challenges to be solved by FRUITS include:

・Defining the value of NFTs

・Relationship between decentralized finance and NFTs

・Realization of NFT-backed finance, etc.

Among the various NFT services, FRUITS is focusing on NFT games because FRUITS believes that it is necessary to provide users with an easy-to-understand opportunity to try them.

Through these games, users will create NFTs for items on what they consider valuable, sell it on the marketplace, and generate revenue, and then the cycle continues. FRUITS believes that this flow defines the value of NFT.

As for decentralized finance, the official FRUITS Wallet currently has DEX and DeFi functions, providing the users with an all-in-one protocol to conclude everything within the wallet. FRUITS is also planning to implement NFTfi, etc. using NFTs as collateral.

2-2-2. Realization from a technical perspective

We have developed a new API for issuing and controlling single and multiple NFTs by improving the API for Seed Tokens of the FRUITS Eco-blockchain. This allows for the automation of complex NFT processing and the incorporation of FRTS, Seed Tokens, and NFT-based mechanisms into BCG (blockchain games) and various web services. Users of these services will be able to use them without having to think about the complexities of blockchain processing. Also, service providers will be able to separate the construction of the front-end and back-end portions of their services, making it easier for them to enter into services using NFTs.

2-2-3. Service Image

We would like to briefly explain Golden Egg Wonderland, a Web3 game currently being released under the auspices of the FRUITS Eco-blockchain Project.

The Web3 game, Golden Egg Wonderland, will allow players to exchange in-game Golden Egg NFTs for real gold eggs.

The ability for players to use game mechanics to collect in-game tokens and NFTs and convert them into real-world value, also known as the P2E (Play-to-Earn) trend, is a key driver of growth in the Web3 gaming industry.

Blockchain-based P2E gaming is evolving to benefit players. Thanks to the traceability and transparency of digital ownership provided by blockchain technology, in-game items are now valued and treated as if they were in the real world.

Evolving from P2E to P4G (Play-For-Gold)

Golden Egg Wonderland, supported by FRUITS, aims to bring digital entertainment one step closer to the real world through "Play-For-Gold" game play. The game allows users to redeem real-life gold eggs as NFT certificates obtained within the game world.

Inspired by Aesop's Fable, Golden Egg Wonderland allows players to capture, raise, and breed birds to obtain NFT eggs, where those eggs may come out as golden eggs. When players receive a golden egg after crossbreeding birds, they receive an NFT certificate that qualifies them to redeem it for a real-life gold egg.

Using the FRUITS Wallet, players who join the game on an iOS or Android device can rely on an in-game map to capture birds. Additionally, players can list the birds they have raised, buy birds from other sellers, and trade birds and eggs in the FRUITS NFT Marketplace.

We are planning to release these NFT games and many other games and services from FRUITS and third parties in the future.

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