2. Realization of the gold standard and operationalization of the FSFP

To encourage financial inclusivity and support charities, FRUITS plans to launch its digital money transfer network, the FRUITS Social Finance Platform, with a financial transaction-focused crypto exchange and charity crowdfunding platform. FRUITS also aims to issue gold-pegged stablecoins, gold ingot NFTs, and build out their NFT marketplace.

FRUITS aims to act as the gateway to a better society – its immutability, transparency and scalability enable a wide range of use cases beyond financial inclusivity. Tailoring the fundamental functions of blockchain for specific scenarios, like using a PoC algorithm for an eco-friendly infrastructure, would help with making it the ideal solution to solve major challenges that currently hinder the completion of the international sustainability agenda.

The FRUITS Social Finance Platform, shown in the middle circle in Figure 20-1, consists of (1) cryptocurrency, (2) NFT, and (3) electronic payment services, respectively.

The following sections describe the challenges that FRUITS must solve, how it will be implemented, and the service images for each.

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