2.1 Cryptocurrency

2-1-1. Issues to be solved

FRUITS has implemented a multi-layered smart contract that provides a mechanism to increase donations.

In order to achieve this, FRUITS has created a point-based charity mechanism.

2-1-2. Realization from a technical perspective

As described in Chapter 1, smile coins are awarded to users after spending FRTS. The granted Smile coins can only be used for donations. This automation is achieved by implementing FRUITS' own smart contracts. The FRUITS Eco-blockchain is free of transaction fees and allows transactions to be written and blocks to be generated at regular intervals or at specified times, which allows for multi-layered smart contracts. As an outcome, multi-layered smart contracts allow for complex processing of Smile coins and Seed Tokens.

2-1-3. Service Image

The main services include direct payment with FRUITS Wallet, FRUITS Payment, a built-in payment system, and/or implementing an API that works like FRUITS Payment, which can be used directly within a service with FRTS, Smile coins, Seed Tokens, GAs, etc.

When using FRTS for payments or in any other transactions, users will automatically receive Smile Coins as a sign of gratitude. In other words, Smile coins are like points earned through Fruits payments and donation activities. Smile Coins act as a donation coin on the Fruits platform to help one of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) listed on Fruits’ charity portal. Users can pick from a variety of options, such as their favorite SDG, and donate Smile Coins, generating yet another token.

Thanks Fruits Seed Tokens (TFSTs), which is made possible because of Fruits’ unique multi-layered smart contracts combined with its no-transaction fee feature. These tokens vary in utility, like lottery tokens with FRTS awards, prompting users to generate and donate more Smile Coins.

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