1-6-4. High Security

In the FRUITS PoC, the original data used for mining is deleted after the block is generated. In other words, after the mining process is over, the history of which node added which hash value will remain, but once the mining is completed and recorded in the block, it will be impossible to alter the original data.

This method is similar to irreversible audio compression. Once the audio data has been compressed and subtracted, it cannot be reverted to the original data, which is called RAW data. This is because unnecessary audio data has already been removed to a level that is not a problem for listening to music, such as CDs. We have also incorporated the AI GA (Genetic Algorithm) and NN (Neural Network) technology for this deletion and organization process.

Once the information is recorded, you can refer to it whenever you want. However, it can be referenced but not changed. If the purpose of a Seed Token is to record something like a human family tree, once the information is recorded, it can be supplemented or revised, but it cannot be altered. This is what makes Blockchain so reliable and secure.

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